Faculty Showcase

Lessons Learned: Best and Worst Teaching Moments

September 2016- How do college instructors learn to teach effectively? Many entered the classroom with trepidation and minimal formal preparation. Along the way, there were both uphill climbs and high points. Each instructor’s journey is a tale of lessons learned from success and failures. Read More

Annual Open Access Symposium

March 2016- UNT’s annual Open Access Symposium, featuring presentations and interactive sessions led by researchers and librarians based in the US, Canada, UK, and the Netherlands from various fields of study, begins the afternoon of Thursday, May 19, 2017, with a keynote by Dan Morgan (publisher of Collabra). Read More

FacultyConnect Work-Life Balance Workshop

December 2015- Balancing the demands of a fast-paced and challenging workplace with one's personal life is an ongoing challenge with which all faculty members must grapple. Sponsored by the Office for Faculty Success, UNT's Work-Life Balance Workshop was held January 29 in the new University Union. The speakers, all experts in their fields, focused on time management, healthy living, stress management, and more. The workshop speakers included: Read More

Teaching Excellence Seminar

December 2015- UNT’s Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign (CLEAR) holds the Teaching Excellence Seminar at the beginning of every long semester and is intended to educate and inform new instructors on UNT policies and best practices in teaching and learning. Read More

Pre-Finals Week, Reading Day, and Final Exams

December 2015- In accordance with UNT Policy 15.2.16, pre-finals week refers to the seven calendar days preceding the final week of each fall and spring semester and is designated so that students can adequately prepare for their final exams.  Read More