Faculty Awards & Recognition at UNT

Our goal is to raise recognition of UNT faculty internally, nationally, and internationally for teaching, scholarship, and community outreach.  By recognizing our outstanding faculty we hope to continually enhance UNT’s public relations and development efforts, improve faculty morale,  build a strong university community and facilitate excellence by rewarding one of our most valuable resources on campus; our faculty.

There are currently over 25 internal awards presented to the faculty for excellence in teaching, research, and/or service.  These awards are funded, evaluated, and presented by various constituencies across campus including the Office of the Provost, Faculty Senate, Student Government Association, CLEAR, and UNT-International, to name a few.  Current UNT Faculty Awards, along with details about each award and past award recipients, can be found on the links listed below.

For the official UNT policy concerning faculty and staff gift and awards please visit UNT Policy.