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2017 Newly Promoted/Tenured Faculty

College of Business

Information Technology and Decision Sciences

Daniel Peak, Professor

Hakan Tarakci, Associate Professor with Tenure

Marketing and Logistics

Joy Houser, Senior Lecturer

Wesley Randall, Professor 

College of Education

Counseling and Higher Education

Elizabeth Prosek, Associate Professor with Tenure

Barrett Taylor, Associate Professor with Tenure

Educational Psychology

Miriam Boesch, Associate Professor with Tenure

Mei Chang, Associate Professor with Tenure

Teacher Education and Administration

Jamaal Young, Associate Professor with Tenure

College of Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Rodney Nielsen, Tenure

Electrical Engineering

Shengli Fu, Professor

Kameswara Namuduri, Professor

Engineering Technology

Leticia Anaya, Principal Lecturer

Materials Science and Engineering

Jincheng Du, Professor

Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Sheldon Shi, Professor

College of Health and Public Service

Community and Professional Programs

Leslie Roberts, Principal Lecturer

Emergency Management and Disaster Science

Ronald Timmons, Senior Lecturer

Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

Erin Schafer, Professor

College of Information

Information Science

Jiangping Chen, Professor

Yunfei Du, Professor

Jodi Philbrick, Senior Lecturer

Xin Wang, Senior Lecturer

Learning Technologies

Lin Lin, Professor

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Communication Studies
Karen Anderson- Lain, Principal Lecturer

Holley Vaughn, Senior Lecturer

Dance and Theatre
Mary Lynn Babcock, Professor


Janice Hauge, Professor


Marshall Armintor, Principal Lecturer

Anne Schoolfield, Senior Lecturer

Rachel Yeatts, Principal Lecturer

Geography and the Environment
Alexandra Ponette- González, Associate Professor with Tenure

Steve Wolverton, Professor

Graham Cox, Senior Lecturer 

Walter Roberts, Principal Lecturer

Political Science
Elizabeth Oldmixon, Professor


Thomas Parsons, Professor

Shelley Riggs, Professor

Teach North Texas

Cindy Watson, Senior Lecturer

Technical Communications

Jordan Frith, Associate Professor with Tenure

Christopher Lam, Associate Professor with Tenure

Women's and Gender Studies and and International Studies

Özlem Altiok, Senior Lecturer

World Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Silvio De Santis, Senior Lecturer

Tatiana Filosofova, Senior Lecturer

Andrea Polegato, Senior Lecturer

Dorian Roehrs, Professor

College of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism

Ann Marie Afflerbach, Senior Lecturer

Elliot Dubin, Senior Lecturer

Joseph O'Donnell, Senior Lecturer 

College of Music

Instrumental Studies
Christopher Deane, Professor

Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology
Benjamin Brand, Professor

David Schwarz, Professor 

Vocal Studies

Jennifer Lane, Professor

Jazz Studies

Jennifer Barnes, Professor

College of Science

Biological Sciences

Brian Ayre, Professor

Edward Dzialowski, Professor 

Pamela Padilla, Professor

Lior Fishman, Associate Professor with Tenure

Xiaoxing "Lucia" Liu, Principal Lecturer

Nirmala Naresh, Senior Lecturer 

College of Visual Arts and Design

Clinton Carlson, Associate Professor with Tenure

Jude Landry, Associate Professor with Tenure

Studio Arts

Amie Adelman, Professor

Mayborn School of Journalism


William Ford, Principal Lecturer