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Regents Professor Recipients

Faculty Department Appointment
Jim Meernik Political Science 2017
Jeff Allen Learning Technologies 2015
Nandika D'Souza Mechanical and Energy Engineering 2015
James Kennedy Biology 2011
Sam Atkinson Biology 2010
Kent Chapman Biology 2010
Richard Rogers Psychology 2010
Bruce Bond English 2008
Mary Karen Clardy Instrumental Studies 2008
Ana D. Cleveland Information Sciences 2008
Thomas C. Cundari Chemistry 2008
Gerald Knezek Learning Technologies 2008
T. David Mason Political Science 2008
Adam Wodnicki Keyboard Studies 2008
Miguel Acevedo Geography 2006
Brian Bowman Instrumental Studies 2006
Cathleen Norris Technology and Cognition 2006
Jeffrey Bradetich Instrumental Studies 2005
David W. Hill Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation 2005
Stephen C. Jackson Mathematics 2005
Paul Marshall Chemistry 2005
Pamela Paul Keyboard Studies 2005
Donald Little Instrumental Studies 2003
Jeffry Kelber Chemistry 2002
William Scharnberg Instrumental Studies 2002
Witold Brostow Materials Science 2001
Eugene Corporon Conducting & Ensembles 2001
Victor Prybutok Information Technology & Decision Sciences 2001
Guenter Gross Biology 1996
Allen Jackson Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation 1996
C. Steve Guynes Information Technology & Decision Sciences 1989
Randolph B. "Mike" Campbell History 1988