Beginning with the 2015-16 hiring cohort, cross-disciplinary mentoring teams are intended to foster networking and collaboration across units. Upon hire, the Office for Faculty Success assigns each new full-time faculty member to a cross-disciplinary team made up of about 12 new faculty members and led by 2-3 experienced UNT faculty members. The team meets several times a semester to network and potentially collaborate with other faculty members from different academic disciplines. In addition, this group may provide a safe environment for new faculty to discuss certain issues they might be reluctant to share with departmental colleagues. Throughout the year, resources such as a Mentoring Guidebook and Tips Regarding Best Practices for Cross-Disciplinary Mentors are provided by the Office for Faculty Success to ensure a successful and productive relationship.All new faculty hired at the rank of assistant professor, lecturer, clinical assistant professor, or librarian are expected to join a mentoring team.

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