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UNT 2013 Faculty Climate Survey

Survey SaysThanks to the 760 faculty members who completed the 2012-13 Faculty Climate Survey.  By achieving a 70% response rate, we feel confident that the data provides a representative baseline for gauging the efficacy of institutional policies, programs, and initiatives.  The purpose of the survey was to measure faculty perceptions on issues that impact institutional climate and overall job satisfaction, including recruitment and hiring, teaching, research, service, merit and promotion evaluations, workload issues, balance of work and personal life, mentoring, resources, and diversity.   Key findings from each of these areas can be found in the Executive Summary.  Not surprisingly, the data reveals both areas of excellence and opportunity for improvement.

As you well know, the climate on our campus has a significant impact on members of the academic community, student learning environments, and the resulting creation of knowledge.  We sincerely appreciate your participation in the survey and your genuine interest and cooperation in making UNT a great place to work and thrive.

In the coming months, the Provost’s Office will develop a comprehensive list of short-term and long-term action items that specifically address issues highlighted in the key findings. Please look for this list on the Faculty Success website.  Comments and suggestions should be directed to faculty.success@unt.edu.

Key Findings



Recruitment and Hiring


Research and Scholarship


Annual Evaluations and Merit Reviews





Work/Family Balance                   



Climate Fairness