FacultyConnect Work-Life Balance Workshop

December 2015- Balancing the demands of a fast-paced and challenging workplace with one's personal life is an ongoing challenge with which all faculty members must grapple. Sponsored by the Office for Faculty Success, UNT's Work-Life Balance Workshop was held January 29 in the new University Union. The speakers, all experts in their fields, focused on time management, healthy living, stress management, and more. The workshop speakers included:

  • Shaureece Park, Human Resources: Understanding How to Use Your Employee Assistance Program
  • Ann Afflerbach, Hospitality and Tourism Management: Eating Well with a Busy Schedule
  • Arlene Rivero Carr, Counseling and Testing: Stress Management
  • Joseph Chaney, Student Recreation Center: Starting Fit - A Guide to Healthy Living for the Working Adult


Shaureece Park       Ann Afflerbach       Shaureece Park and Arlene Rivero 


Gabe Ignatow, Associate Professor of Sociology, moderated the discussion.