Master of the Double Bass, Jeffrey Bradetich, Makes Creative Impact at Distinguished Research Lecture

Jeffrey Bradetich, Regents Professor in Instrumental Studies and the 2011 Creative Impact Award Recipient was one of the special guest lecturers on October 1, 2012 at the Distinguished Research Faculty Lecture during Salute to Faculty Excellence Week.  Distinguished Research Faculty Lecture  Jeff Bradetich

The Creative Impact Award honors a faculty member whose work in the literary or creative arts has had the greatest societal impact and Bradetich is widely recognized as an expert and authority on the double bass instrument.  His work has inspired an international community of performers and audiences through his 30 years as a professional performer, teacher, and promoter of the instrument. A master of the double bass instrument, Jeff has performed some 500 concerts on four continents and has produced both instructional as well as concert recordings of the bass to reach musicians and audiences around the world. 

Bradetich established the Bradetich Foundation in 2008 with the purpose of advancing the performing, teaching, and knowledge of the double bass. The Foundation hosted the 2010 International Double Bass Solo Competition with the largest prizes in double bass history.  On October 7, 2012 the Bradetich Foundation will launch the first classical double bass internet radio broadcasts. 

In 1982, Bradetich established an international convention for bassists as a venue for bass players and teachers to gather from around the world to share expertise.  The conventions now draw over 1000 participants from more than 30 countries. He is author and editor of numerous publications, including the book, Double Bass—The Ultimate Challenge, which is the most comprehensive source for pedagogy and performance about the bass (2009). His summer master classes, now in their 25th year, are the longest running course of their kind in the US.

Bradetich has been proclaimed by the New York Times as "the master of his instrument." In addition to being an active lecturer and clinician, Bradetich has transcribed more than 100 solo works for the bass. He has produced both intermediate and advanced level instructional videos and a DVD recording of the first Bach cello suite and the BB Wolf by Jon Deak.  He served as Executive Director of the International Society of Bassists from 1982-1990 and editor of its magazine for 6 years.

Bradetich is the director of the largest double bass program in the world at the University of North Texas. His students hold positions in major orchestras on five continents and occupy many important teaching and leadership positions throughout the profession. 

“I think it is fine for a young person to be an idealist and strive to “be the best.” If we only study to get a job, then everyone is being short-changed – the student, his or her peers and parents and the audience. Ultimately, life happens and decisions are made that direct one’s life. Few have the work ethic and talent to reach the highest level of performance, no different than any sport. But there is much opportunity in every aspect of the musical world to make a living, to fulfill one’s talent and to enjoy the beauty of what we do.”
- Bradetich on student success

Bradetich, continues his role as “an advocate for the bass through every means at his disposal: playing, teaching, recording, work with the ISB, organizing bass events, summer courses and writing articles and books.”  He wants to “help establish more performance opportunities for all levels of bass players”.  

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