Faculty Showcase

Beyond Tenure Workshop

September 2015- Earning tenure is certainly a noteworthy milestone, but it is important to think beyond this milestone to a next one – promotion to Professor (and even greater success as a faculty member). On Tuesday, October 6,  a session called “Beyond Tenure” was held. Three senior faculty members shared ideas on pathways to success, and how to begin planning and preparing now for this next step. Watch the recorded workshop here. Read More

Emeritus College Invites Faculty to Teach: Deadline for Spring 2016 Class Proposal Form

August 2015- UNT's highly successful Emeritus College (EC) would like to invite faculty and qualified graduate students to teach in the Spring 2016 session. The Emeritus College is in its 7th year offering non-credit classes specifically designed for adults 50 and older. The mission of the Emeritus College is to provide a broad range of educational activities and intellectual stimulation for faculty and the community. The classes are an excellent way to showcase the exciting work going on at UNT. Read More

Teaching Excellence Handbook 2015-2016 Edition

August 2015 - The 2015-2016 edition of the Teaching Excellence Handbook has been released. This handbook serves as an important resource for faculty who are responsible for instructional activities at UNT. In this comprehensive guide, we have compiled important university information and helpful tips that will assist you in carrying out your teaching responsibilities. Whether you are a first-time Lecturer or an experienced Full Professor, we hope that this handbook is a useful aid. Read More

First Flight Faculty and Student Luncheon

August 2015 - As part of this year's First Flight Week, faculty are invited to interact with incoming students in a low stress environment during lunch in the dining halls. This will be an opportunity for students and faculty to connect with each other prior to the start of the fall semester. As faculty, you may be asked questions about what students can expect in their first classes, or the students may just want to learn more about you. You may also learn something about the students! Read More

Dr. Saraju Mohanty Serves as the Chair of the TCVLSI

July 2015 - Dr. Saraju Mohanty has been appointed to serve as the Chair of the Technical Committee on Very Large Scale Integration for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Read More