Elizabeth Arnold, Outstanding Online Teacher & Course Award

Elizabeth Arnold, Merchandising & Digital RetailingElizabeth Arnold, adjunct professor in the department of Merchandising & Digital Retailing is the recipient of the Outstanding Online Teacher & Course Award.  She is recognized for the development of Creating Consumer Experiences—a course required in the department’s core.  As you can imagine with the content in the fashion realm---the information must be in real-time and Liz is being recognized for her ability to keep this content dynamic and relevant.  With over 100 students each semester, Liz is dedicated to their success.  “I hope my students feel that I support them by being accessible, 'listening' to what they write, and responding to them individually -- all done via Blackboard! I rarely meet students face-to-face, but I want my students to know they can reach me and expect a response in a reasonable amount of time," says Arnold.  Arnold's dedication to her students and course content makes her deserving of this honor. 

This award is a university-wide award that recognizes excellence in the design of instruction and facilitation of learning in a web-based environment and is sponsored by the Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign.  Visit their website for selection process and deadlines. 

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