Center for Play Therapy Recieves Provost Citation for Excellence of a Center


Sue Bratton, Center for Play Therapy DirectorThe Center for Play Therapy, housed in UNT's department of Counseling & Higher Education, is the winner of the 2013 Provost Citation for Excellence of a Center Award. The award recognizes a Center or Institute formally established under the UNT Policy on Centers and Institutes for its excellence and achievements over time in advancing the University's goals in areas such as service, outreach, interdisciplinary scholarship and externally funded research and development.

Under the leadership of Sue Bratton, Professor of Counseling & Higher Education, the Center encourages the unique development and emotional growth of children through the process of play therapy --- a dynamic interpersonal relationship between a child and a therapist trained in play therapy procedures. Beyond the direct benefit to the child, the center provides training, research, publications, counseling services and scholarships, and acts as a clearinghouse for literature in the field.  Since its' inception in 1987, the center has provided the largest training program in the world, attracting graduate students across the nation and throughout the world.  

Center for Play TherapyBratton has over 20 years of experience in individual and group play therapy, activity therapy, and family play therapy. She is known nationally and internationally for her training workshops and presentations and has presented extensively throughout the United States and in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Mexico, Korea, and Canada. Bratton has also served as a consultant to school districts throughout the United States.  For her leadership in teaching, research, and service efforts, Bratton has been received UNT's 2006 President's Council Outstanding Teacher Award and the 2007 National Play Therapy Research Award, among others.  The Center for Play Therapy and Dr. Bratton will be recognized at the Salute to Faculty Excellence Awards Dinner and Ceremony on September 27, 2013.